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The Latest News
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March 10th - We suffered a power outage during the afternoon.  Most of our equipment reset
itself, as is usual. But our volunteers had to manually reset Radio B100 and CBC Television.

Mar. 1st -
We have installed a new Barix internet decoder for radio station CIFM.  Ths has solved
our ongoing problems with low deviation (volume) and intermittent loss of signal.  We hope to
have another installed on B-100, within a few days.  Thank you for your patience.

Dec. 21st -  
When we changed transmitters back on the 16th, we accidentaly switched two wires
causing WGN to be in ABC's spot & vice versa.  It is now corrected. We apolgize for the error!

Dec. 20th -  
This morning two receivers were replaced and both YTV and CFJC are
again on air.  We attirbute their failures to power surges from the 3 recent power failures.

Thanks for reading.