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About The Logan Lake TV Society

Originally called the Logan Lake Recreation Society,  our Society was founded  in the late 1970's, to
provide TV to the town of Logan Lake, BC.  At the time, direct-to-home satellite TV did not exist & reception
of even near-by TV & FM stations was (and still is) impossible, due to our high, mountainous terrain.

Back then we broadcast just two channels. Over the years, the system has grown.  By 1988 we had
12 channels, but no specialty channels. Today, we broadcast 26 digital channels and an on-screen
program guide.
We offer every major Canadian and US network, including 3 all-Sports
networks, a movie channel and a number of specialty channels.
That's more channels of
over-the-air, digital TV, per capita, than anywhere in North America!

We also re-broadcast 6 FM stations on the FM band
& two more on TV Channel 32.1 & 36.5.  

The station is owned by the good people of Logan Lake, but operated by your TV Society.
Because we are a non-profit, all volunteer group, we can provide the most TV channels,
per person, in North America, for less than half the cost of basic cable, anywhere in Canada!
And the picture on our new digital channels is superb!

Phase one, our conversion of the original, analog channels to digital is now complete.  We are
looking forward to phase two,  which will see some new channels added, including, we hope,
a few in HD
! We should all be proud of our not-so-little TV system!

The volunteers have also been known to play the occasional prank on the town. For the
story behind their 2012 April Fools Day prank... click here.

Updated 24 Feb, 2013