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The Latest News
Please check here, or the brief announcements (with the yellow backgrounds) which appear with our program guide on Ch. 32.1, for the latest information.

June 3, 2015  
After our recent 4 hour power outage, it took our volunteers about
2 hours to get all our channels back on the air.  However, it seems that some TV's
lose part of their memories, when the power is off, expecialy for such a long period.
If you are missing one or more channels, please run the "Find Channels Automatically"
feature, found in the menus of your TV or set-top-box, to restore all the channels
on your TV.  For more on this, please click on "Help", in the menu bar, above,
and read item #3.

March 15th, 2015:  OLN
(formerly the Outdoor Life Network) is now availale
on Channel 20.2.
 If your TV does not find this channel by itself, you wil have
to run the "Find Channels" feature, found in the menus of your TV or Set-Top
-Box.  For help with this, see topic #3, in the HELP section,above.

A newly revised channel list, which you can print out, can
be found by

Feb. 26th, 2015: 
The FOOD NETWORK - is now available on Channel 28.1.
Program listings are available on Ch. 32.1.   
 Bon Appetit!