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The Latest News
Please check here, or the brief announcements (with the yellow backgrounds) which appear with our program guide on Ch. 32.1, for the latest information.
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Dec. 21st -  When we changed transmitters back on the 16th, we accidentaly switched two wires
causing WGN to be in ABC's spot & vice versa.  It is now corrected. We apolgize for the error!

Dec. 20th -  
This morning two receivers were replaced and both YTV and CFJC are
again on air.  We attirbute their failures to power surges from the 3 recent power failures.

Dec 19th - 7:00 PM.  
We   suffered a third power outage during the day,  as well as having Telus'
interenet "down" for several hours.  Thus we could not post any updates, to keep you informed.  All
was restored by 6pm, though we lost YTV and CFJC later in the evening.  A most  frustrating day for all.
For more on how power outages affect us, please read Help item #13 (above).

Dec 19th - 9:20 AM.  Power at the TV Site was lost, again, just prior to 8 am. We are now told that
power should be restored before noon, though the exact time is unknown. We will work
to restore full service as soon as we can, after power is restored.

Dec. 19th - 8:15 AM:
 The power went out at the TV site, just before 8PM. Friday evening.  (Power at
our site comes from a different circuit than the rest of town.)  Power was restored somewhere around
midnight.  Our volunteers were on-site at 5:30 this morning and all TV & Radio stations were back on the
air by 7:30 am.  We thank you for your patience & understanding, as we had no control over the situation.

Dec 16. 2015:  
Our Ch. 46 transmitter has failed and is already on it's way for repair. In the meantime,
we are using a spare transmitter.  Now, in order to receive WGN, TLC and ABC, you will likely
have to run the "find channels" feature, found in the menus of your TV or set-top-box.  If you need
help with that, please read item 3 under HELP (above).  Unfortunately, when the transmitter is
repaired (in the New Year), we will switch back to it and you'll have to do the same thing, again.  Sorry!

Thanks for reading.