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The Latest News
Please check here, or the brief announcements (with the yellow backgrounds) which appear with our program guide on Ch. 32.1, for the latest information.
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Dec. 3rd.  
Your volunteers replaced a defective satellite receiver at 10:20 pm, tonight. CBS
Seattle (36.1) is back on the air. We apolgize for any inconvenience.

Dec. 2nd.  We have been advised by CBC that our new satellite reciver for CBC Radio 2 has
finally been shippped to us.  We should receive it within 10 days and it should be on air shortly
after  we get it.  Sorry for the delay, but there was nothing we could do about it.

Nov. 10th
If you run the "Find Channels" function, found in the menus of your TV
or set-top-box, you should then see, on Channel 24.1, the Knowledge Network, in 1080p High-Definition.
This is still experimental, but we have made improvements.  If, after doing the channel-search,
you still have difficulties receving Channle 24.1, please phone 250.523.6441 and leave us your name,
phone number and a good time to call you back and we will.  If you receive it well, enjoy!

Please also understand that if you cannot receive it using a set-top-box, it may be that your
set-top-box is not capable of processing an HD signal.  Some can, some cannot.

Thanks for reading.